Potential Domain Name Scam Impacting IntrepidWellbeing.com

This website may be targeted by potential domain name scammers. There’s no major cause for concern, but in the interest of transparency, here’s what we know.

In December 2019 we received an email from someone claiming to be from the “China Domain Registry (Head Office)” with what seemed like an important warning: someone was trying to register intrepidwellbeing.com.cn. They were writing to us to see if this was our business partner or distributor in China who was attempting to register the domain.

The reality, however, is that this warning message was itself a scam. Fortunately the perpetrators reused some indicators that made it very easy to find reports of other attempts at the scam such as this one.

The indicators in the above report are identical to what we saw, so we won’t rehash the specifics.

However, we did want to warn our readers of this. Please look out for any kind of phishing attack that utilizes a similar-looking domain name to ours, and if you see something, please let us know so we can try to get it taken down.