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Intrepid Wellbeing is a content site focusing on health and wellbeing tips for people with active lifestyles. Currently we have a focus on three thematic areas:

  • FamilyHealth: covering topics such as prenatal care.
  • HealthTech: covering the space of technology for health and wellbeing.
  • TravelHealth: covering topics to do with staying healthy and well while travelling.

There are more themes to come in future.

Intrepid Pillbox

Intrepid Pillbox is an app designed to help you plan and stick to a regimen of vitamins and supplements, as well as medication. The app includes features for busy individuals leading active lifestyles, such as barcode scanning and a travel planner to calculate the right amount to pack for any trip.

Find out more about the app here, or get it now from the iTunes Store.

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