Best Gift Ideas To Stay Healthy While Travelling: 7 Categories to Consider

We all know someone who loves to travel, and especially when it comes to family, there comes a time when we want to get them a gift that they will like, which will also help them stay healthy. In this guide we’ve identified 7 gift categories that encourage someone to fully embrace their frequent-travel lifestyle, while also helping them take better care of themselves. These are the 7 best gift ideas to help your loved ones stay healthy while travelling.

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Stretch Bands

A little bit of stretching goes a long way. Even if your friend doesn’t go to the gym regularly, travel conditions can leave the body feeling cramped and tired if not taken care of.

Gifting your travel-loving friends a set of stretch bands is a great way to help them relax and rejuvenate their body while traveling.

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Most people find that stretching for 10 to 15 minutes every day before they head out and when they get back makes their travel more comfortable. This is because it helps to relax and heal muscles that may be tired from being cramped on a plane or walking all day long. The gift of stretch bands will help ease these pains.

Filtering Water Bottle

One of the things we find to be most essential when traveling is a water bottle, but not all people realize that not just any old water bottle will do. Instead, choosing a water bottle with a built-in water filter is one of the best things that you can buy for a friend who loves to travel.

Buying water can be expensive, and you never know what the quality of the water is when you get to a new hotel or location. Even if you are just staying in a hotel for a few hours from home, the water quality might be different.

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To keep their body healthy and for peace of mind, giving someone a water bottle which has a high-quality filter is a great way to protect them from any water that is not safe to drink. Sure, the filter isn’t going to completely clean any water, but it will be a big improvement over drinking the water without being filtered.

Vitamin C Booster

Are you familiar with those effervescent vitamin C supplements that you can take when you start to get sick? Some type of vitamin C pills like those ones are a great gift for anyone who travels. There’s nothing worse than feeling sick while on the road, and these pills can help your body to fight off any incoming colds and recover as quickly as possible.

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eBook Gift Card

Health isn’t all about the physical side of things. While traveling, it is easy for your mind to become stressed and exhausted as well. As exciting as travel is, too much stimulation can actually cause your body to become worn out. For someone travelling for work, it can be easy to lose perspective and focus too much on work.

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Gifting those who travel a lot a gift card for their favorite podcast or eBook app is a great way to give them some de-stressing material. Whether they like to read on planes or just need to unwind at the end of every night of their trip, this type of gift is sure to be put to good use no matter what type of person or traveler they are.

Smart Watch

This gift category may seem a little on the pricier side, but in truth there is a wide range of optiopns, including some that start under $50, so it’s a great category to look into. Smartwatches can let you know how much you have walked, what the weather will be like, and how fast your heart is beating, among other things.

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Travel Pill Box

Another great option to gift to those who travel often is a travel pillbox. How many times have you or someone you know done the old sandwich bag trick with their pills? How many times has that bag looked like an absolute disaster, with many lost pills along the way by the end of the trip?

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Even if the person you are getting a gift for does not take any daily medication, they likely still have pills like vitamins or pain killers they like to pack with them when they travel. By purchasing a functional and travel-friendly pill case, they’ll be able to more readily and easily pack these items for their next big adventure.

Gym Membership

This isn’t going to be the right option for every person you know, but it can be a great choice for friends who frequently travel for work and lament the loss of their local gym. Gifting a premium membership to a gym that allows you to use any gym location across the country (or world!) is a great way to help them stay healthy.

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Before you decide on this gift for a friend, be sure your friend would appreciate this notion. You might even want to ask them first, especially if they always stay at a hotel chain that provides gym facilities already. Gifts don’t have to be a surprise to be wonderful, after all.

With a smartwatch, your friend will be able to keep a closer eye on their health while they are traveling without having to work hard to do that, and that’s a big benefit.

Better Health Makes for Better Travel

Buying someone a travel-related gift that will help them to stay healthy while they are on the road is one of the best gift ideas because it’s thoughtful. By helping your loved one stay healthy while traveling, they are not going to easily fall sick or feel overly fatigued. Instead, they’ll be able to simply enjoy their trip!

Travel is exhausting but incredibly rewarding. Let your loved one know just how much you care by giving them one of the best gift ideas listed above, so they can stay healthy while traveling, and they’ll be thankful for years to come.

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